Should’ve been oh so goddamn simple
But, of course, it just wasn’t to be
Never really is To. Be. perfectly forthright and honest
Fair’s fair
Each to their very own, albeit ain’t no doubting there to be a bottom line
Somewhere, anywhere
So try and draw that goddamn line of strength and utter bouncebackability
Right beneath it and you’ll somehow soar all the more
Both inside and out
For life ain’t always fair, I reckon anyhow…
A dangerous mind-prison brought upon us all by a rather fickle, utterly judgemental society in very the first place
But, really, we are only just starting out, only just beginning to begin
Sure colour telly wasn’t even invented til the goddamn fifties!!
But to be perfectly truthful, as things stand ain’t nothing black and white any longer
In far more ways than just the one
A little colour is, of course, nice, although it tends to overflow, sending us relatively insane
Who. To. Blame.
I bring only age-old bearing here
Mean, you’ve most probably heard it all before

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