These passionate people have insisted and Insinuated and STRENUOUSLY placated themselves Yet again, AND preciously PREFABRICATED annnd reprocessed.. and and ANNNND… .. .. valiantly vacated

All knowing areas and elements of colossal overExPoSuRe, and all awhile their shy, gangrene eyes will smile-

from theSIGHT Ofpetrifyingly beneath the surface of the SUREfire, burnt-to-a-CrIsP eARTh.

And, yet, someHOW.. we’ve been watching them ponder and cripple and c-r-a-w-l back to this ACE-OF-SPADES place
With ONLY EVER themselves for preciously kept Kings-of-company

Of wonderfully pragmatic and disheveled BeWiLdErMeNt: “meets with argumentative eNtItLeMeNt!”

Might they, though, tend to trouble Themselves for a mere eager second
And LIFT-up their TiLtEd eyes and minds

AND (an) army-of-arms JustOneMore MereEager fuckingTime?

and ASK (US):
Tiny little TwIsTeD Alignment of Sentence:

if we ever really gave a SIZEABLE fuck(!) since the wagerFaCeD beginning

… … When(ever!), really…
beggars could not BUT BECOME — anything else BUT FOR mud-bathed motherfucking choosers all on their oWn.

Prone to pause-for… taught PaRaLySiS “of MY mind!!”

And living…
… in an upside/down Paradise graciously instilled with cocktail persuasion

amid all other senses of

Venomous sin. Yes it does INDEED sleep within a bottle of early-am.

wAnDeRiNg whisky

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