Indebted little midsummer determinations indeed- we were EPICALLY enthralled by it all and willing to previously PROceed with OUR uncontrollable wits

“Still mesmerised as mere, eager AND sPl!T(!!)” It’s a thinking girl’s game, if nothing else at all actually, of

-get the fuck outta DodgeVillE please: “we seem slightly MALadjusted to the scene and mapping brand-new RouTeS to the

Unthinkable for anyone else truth(..)” and if they really wanna make it A-Z CRYSTAL-clearly ACROSS THE CHAOS they’ll be wanting to “WAKE UP!!!” with their worst minds in a lOopCycLe-oF-bInD called

Carefree IncRediBle actually. It doesn’t seem even the tad-BIGGEST-BIT real:: what has happened to these memoryMASHED MothErSucKeRs of determined bliss and deplorable wisdom sometimes, too, please — “she’s not the same as she never ever even was AGAIN and before .. “it all went up in

Claustrophobic SmoKe(!!)” _chokehold anticipation, indeed, and we won’t wanna

__ ask for an advancement in our chore-money anyMORE… to

Purchase that sleepingBEAUTY “whore” WHO(??) REALly shall remain immediately NAMEless, plEASE… “because we ain’t too sure

If her ship has met the shore… YET {inside of her pretty LITTLE head}, or if she’s simply been completely drOwNinG in hEr owN state of inebriated delinquency.” Either way, it’s safest to say it in a whispered wHiRl oF aFoReSaiD LOCK-TIGHT wIsDoM, which stings her still

Singing earPEACE, “please.”