They dance hand in hand and ask for that ultimatum of uniquely dispelling dissociation to ultimately make it meander and mean ever little big besotted thing sometimes. This unequalled endeavour set to be.. turmoil AND treasured

In equal measurements, perhaps…

And it w-r-a-p-s itself IMMEDIATELY right-the-way-around

About: these instantaneous minutes of stay-awhile bone-bleed & pleasure 

To envelop and delicately both DUTIFULLY determine their very own good-god-unique sense of ScintilLATEd equilibrium IS

… To (re-)open their Valiantly suggestive minds and to rampantly MATCH

Their roaming, rather advantageously advancing eyeLINE: for tantamount sight and SuRvIvAl.

Wishing to thrive- with this glorious GrIp placed upon: hilarity-hindsight