You hold this pretty little hollowed-out instrument oh so quietly, immeasurably willing yourself on to see that it will need to be outright incredible – you’ve been awesomely trying for such a sizeable and very long time, something or another perched on up there failing to let you ever get to stop
These clapped out pedestrian pavements where homeless frowns endlessly abound, mopped-out coffee shops in the layered a.m. that just will not permit your utter brilliance to breathe – the harsher side of the currently complicated situation
Long-forgotten people with long-lost dreams of their own
Resilient in ignoring what could otherwise turn out to be an undeniable degree of mind-boggling admiration – exactly what you couldn’t but crave
Outrageous jealousy
And all because the ‘din’ became just too damn loud altogether
Mesmerising… perhaps you do, in fact, amount to too much
You were seemingly created and saved for the bigger, far more supernatural and high-wired stadium – where everyone gets to let themselves breathe in the exact same direction

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