A. Breathe. Of. Stressed. Air.

Born to be – steady aside willingly
The best that a man can

And these tumultuous moments shall cause themselves to upside-down intertwine to make secondary sense

Gregarious, fun-loving, pump-fisted individuality
He is Heath and a relative non-conformist entity who owns an unknowing entitlement – to fight for his far-stretched worth

Heaven tends to hurt soon as it comes knocking upon your honey-spattered door

Ritualistic midst life’s favourite miseries
Only the invested best make comfortably numb nests for themselves

Candid and captured and downward spiral tantalised, that Polaroid black-guised camera which wears last-century-silk nestled right by its predisposed shoulder never lies – it simply winks when it thinks at shutter-speed

Shrinking from gainly sight and captures all of our favourite lies

I am perfectly paralysed, and if it isn’t on the edge of manic reason then I am just not interested in this life

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