You’re talking to them with your mindset wider than wide opening, in fact. Your eyes AND miNd ELECTRIFIED officially and spontaneously ELECTED-TO-SEE, both seize, this scintilLATEd sense

Of SpeciALLy segregated and c/o/m/f/o/r/t/i/n/g levels of commonpl(ace) CONtrariness- where EVER, REALLY, have ALL of them gone to now, though?!

With their radicalised minds, their effervescent and CrEaTiVeLy incande(scent) smiles… and ALL other of these incremental human limbs.. Asking to be spoRADICALLY COMBINED Til brought beneficially BACK/together (again, and for ONE-1st unashamed and senselessly idiosyncratic time)

As ALL this TaLk of “THUNDERING” TiMe does (In-DEED) tend to rightFULLY arise (inside of US-ALL!) a searing AND strikingly obvious sentiment of tantamount tumultuousness

As those bravely br(OUGHT) backtogether Bodies (of non-communicative Art that has happened) d-i-v-u-l-g-e and Ably P-O-U-R themselves “RADICALLY” ATOP

Of this, t-h-a-t, and “EVERYOTHER bloody fucking CANVAS that… can!!”

“Can. It. Though?”
And… can they NOT, though, BEGin to MESMERISE and miracalize US ALL (wit)h their StEadIEd and singular sEnSe
Of “lacklustre bliss”: because… and THIS IS a rather JoViAl and opportunistically important p(ArT), too!

“That she’s been (ACTING!!) incredibly Conscientious yet a(gain!)”

AND… fucksake VALIANTLY attempting to courageously (accent)uate to US all- sizeably now, the… ahem, SCENE/TO/BE impishly (im)POSSIBLE.

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