Off to Inchydoney with Dad
So much God damn fun in the sun to be had
Took the car on out, shades at the ready
As soon as we parked at the hotel we gave Des O’ Dowd a shout
A perfect meal courtesy of the boss
Now there’s a man who knows when it’s important, when it’s not to give a toss
Mentioned a funny joke but I’ll leave that ’til another day
A few beers to settle the soul
A walk by the new music venue, is it true what they say
That John Spillane will haul his equipment out front and play
Either way, things look good
Good food, good company, a particular waiter called Brian who we caught just in the right mood
Now there’s an attitude that’ll take him far
This hotel for all it’s worth is up there on a par with ‘The Poachers Inn’
Neither did I pay for my sins this morning
Hell no, ’twas only a few, I went with the flow
Great to be able to do these things
Hopefully when we come back again we get to listen to the aforementioned sing, the sun holds and the rain doesn’t do us all an an injustice by being bold