While most brains relay in the meantime.
An OCD brain relates persistently.

This mile-per-millisecond juxtaposed fiasco.
Wherein perfection upsets itself via utter overthought til entirely exhausted.

From self-aggrandised zero – to – meaningfully playful hopscotch hero.

They see it all so very nearly clearly now.

And all of it in the blink of a tear-stricken eye-line, whilst others get to see next to absolutely nothing.

But for unasked for procrastination aside undeniably estranged behaviour.

This ADD disdained addition for trained reasoning which will persist to make whispering mountains from monotonous molehills.

And a blood-thirsty need to save themselves yet again reckons entirely upon itself
And this appears to be the face-swap of a lifetime.
From Jekyll – to – Hide me, please.
When they know full well that it is all about to unravel either way forth-forward reprioritised with this overbearing yo/yo effect of chalk ‘n’ cheese theirs.

A negative twist placed upon a positive person’s every single next … next … next ruminated feeling, which will heavily persist til the devil drops his pitchfork again … And fails at prey-pretend …

This never-ending inability to simply adhere to the lesser things in life – they are walking through continual ringlets of passionately misplaced fire even when their day has been blessed by the searing heat of a thousand promiscuous suns.

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