It was though
No more, no less – the out ‘n’ out come-up-for-air
Choked by the all too blasphemous devil who took it entirely upon himself to bathe inside each ‘n’ every last part of me
All over
What will be may well get to be, yet seemed no amount of medication could ever so much as find me
Sure I felt fine ‘n’ sober, no side-effects whatsoever
Only one problematic OCD instance in the very first place
Not only reared it’s ugly face, rather robbed a seat at the head of the dinner-table, sat the whole way down and placed all of this which now gets to stand right here before you on into his crazily flavoursome cup of sorts
I really oughta…
Just enough to send anyone swarming, a warning to all of you – ignore, ignore, IGNORE goddamnit!!
Your wits will indeed be split but the fiercer than fierce comeback can be oh so fucking strong – build all of it back on up, usurp his every last instrument of heady deceit, replace these shoes – go about finding your very own feet
Finally… the unsuspecting switcharoo
Seems I will never forget you