The dream is still very much alive
A small glass with Baileys in, these glorious cubes of ice do stretch an imagination across this fair isle of his
Monstrous in a word, people settling themselves on down from all walks of life, if it is indeed perched upon a knife-edge then he most certainly doesn’t get to feel it
Grits his teeth and begins to bare it all, utmost wholeheartedly, rather otherworldly
Settling his own manic soul if only for a fleeting while – terrifically hard to beat
This sophomore smile will summon all of them in, delicately glove then coax them to their trembling feet again, one subtle bear-hug at a sumptuous time
When the need for both intricate and entirely descriptive words can somehow manage to completely take over
Barely sober and still, regardless of that, incredibly, remarkably so able

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