That sense of utter admonishment, of precariously mislaid plans and placed admittedly alongside these seriously ulterior emotions this time, those which have to have been abruptly electrified by one kind of unkindly L-i-f-e

As it magnificently begins to redevelop itself

Into its very own strengthening sense of hard-knocks hardship.

Those same sane, each-of-every single preliminary people who’ve been mightily justifying themselves and by pedestrian way

Of walking with eggshells for secondary friends this particular time – – — – –

As a soothing source of enigmatic approval should-both-shall so very softly soon insinuate and suddenly suggest.. … just something so very marvelously well magnified —

Controversially magnetized perhaps? And finally.. United and unified by the mind of the stop/start heart this time

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