An ‘A’ for creation

exhaustively forgetful, this brain fogged individual with wings for weapons of crass demonstration

Deconstructing to reconstruct the other person’s hidden necessities – please, listen to whatever it is she has to say because it will make sense at the second, third, fourth time of asking… means to be ill-at-ease

bountiful by way of red-ribboned industry – the mischievous behaviour has its very own say with words – working its way on up, up, over and far away a stranger sits perched and imperfectly plagiarised

By these heavenly skies of misshapen pleasure bolstered and begotten by fallen heroes

we shall find the time to destroy her rhyme but anything which can cause a debate will bolster her fictional fate – when a zero begins to remember herself again and a million dozen pens of portrayal puppeteers her heartstrings whilst gilded and guided by her very best sentiments

Undeniably disguised

an inked imbecile will forever be ahead of their time

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