Pitch Perfect Pauses for a delayed oVeReAcTiVe thought

And they really ALL ought-to have asked themSelves just one SOLE singular question this time : yet, how UPon AN INSTANTANEOUS AND huRtLiNg wOrShiPpIng eARTh could they NOT have asked themselves said SINGULAR question…

And EVER SINCE the ‘SinNeRs BEGinning’

… … whenEVER (their) minds were losing and (their) vIlIfIeD eyes StaRted winning agGAIN?!?

Time’s been t-h-i-n-n-i-n-g itself RIGHT-THE-ENTIRE-WAY-OUT- – – to a dry, crisp drop of snow atop —-

Of a disintegrated Christmas Tree- mantel piece… As these… lethargically ENHANCED PEOPLE edged someplace mischievously in-between

And stILL DanCiNg! As though their souls WERE on PREPARATORY FiRe 🔥

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