Outlandish art matters the most – a way in for the paralysed secondary mind finally unearths a stellar purpose. Finally finely tuned and toned to the brim of a rimming frame, seven grand for this fine piece of receptive resilience and aforementioned spectacle rushes its body of bones against – affably, eventually, downright upside inevitable. Smiles like the sky has been forever incredible. Shining and watching amid downtime kindly, no depressive sentencings, no nothing whatsoever anymore so very ultimately purposeful. All of the upside-down-ness, that deathly guttural asphyxiation, transgresses itself and leant far more gently toward the guts of her champagne being

Till dutifully, dustily restored to restorative nature all over again, coldest known solid shoulder shrinks in the world with forbidden painted features at hand about to be selfishly parlayed. Naturally, gradually, till she is in all of we

Me, soon to be dining with.

The voluptuous corners of herself, whilst fair generously seated themselves at the tumultuous table of deliciousness aside astride enviably invisible

albeit still resolutely viable and radiant dreams. Screams. Hopefully. Like no one’s been watching but for the shiny sharp surface of the shapely sun. With the shiny sharp shapely corners it takes.

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