This needs to be quite manically, altogether purposefully proposed
If it will make any sort of drenched in soliloquy sense again – Whatsoever
Say The Heck When Shine bright like wildfire within these crucifying and unabashed eyes of mine
Sit on my gently corrupt aside giving to please knee to decidedly treasure each and every next piece
You and I on a maniacal whim – sinning to win outright/the sexual divide has been tapestried fair deliciously
Supreme Breathe on through the detailed parts of thee
Coffee and cigarettes – a most unforgettable threat to this whole entire direly wanton system of only forever alike ours
Treat yourself to the ultimate delve. Settle so soon as the crookified underbelly comes right on up for Air
Again, and again… and a fucking gain
You do tend to taking to righteously driving this particularized pen
And all my friends are turning green