That distinguishing and deliciously both DeLiCaTeLy entangled event of nocturnally insightful nostalgia- gathered and turned gainFULLY Toward: THIS UP ALL NIGHT, stay-a-FAIR-while

Sense of courage, “of course!” And an honesty that seethes and breathes In Equal Measurement – Perhaps

At t(his) nocturnal time of flame/bristles to become famoUS again- aforementioned damnRIGHT iNsIghtful and FULL(to the FLICKERING brim)with CONfiscated fRiGhT! “Oh, my. Why?”

Have we not EVEN ever witnessed this single-most Striking thing before//

all artistically credible doors… CLOsE.

Again, and for One-tenth-time.. wildly ElEcTrIfIeD by the might of… Undeniable talent meshed mischievously together with a thousand-dozen-dOlLoPs and dUtIfUl doses of – –

MOSTLY unidentifiable acrimony.
Probably? And put preciously in place by WaY

Of his bare-naked(foreverBelieving) fingernails//finger trail…

Intrepid and NO LONGER prepared.. to mention how to QUENCH AFOREMENTIONED said FLAME! Indelibly insane and meant to feel EVERYthing

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