There are probably three thousand such ways to say this but I will only ever permit myself a relative moment
To shove rather subtly – a surefire must – ’til getting to peel then fall rather abruptly inside of your altogether boisterous mind
I’m inclined to drink this coffee on a serious half-shell, quell all of these seemingly insurmountable things
Trimming the gleaming outer layer, betraying none of it
Your pretty little wits have been split and I want to get the metaphorical font just right – up all of the livelong night in order to place it immaculately back
Safe to say I’ve been tracking your everything – serendipitously just
And, so you know, it is oh so courageously glorious when nestled at a guaranteed distance
Rip-roaring in a manner of tweaking the young life instrumentally from it
You’re my puppet on a shoe-string

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