They’ve been thinking times a thousand thunderbolts of red blooded technique- have very nearly even reminded themselves TIMES-TEN(!) Exactly how(?!) to a-c-t advantageously amidst this, the bestowed best of the best

OF.. the… better-than-best, actually(!) What they have schooled themselves into singlehandedly achieving is: beyond the point of any point imaginable anymore. They ARE able and they ARE anticipating many a thing simply (-to imply) to find:

Another WHICH(!?) way thru- to the otherSIDE: “sod ‘em all and their merry little encyclopaedic minds.” Hahahahaha-hilarious WAS exactly what it was. And what of it, though(!?) “Why HAS this particular monkey that has ((attacked AND)) attached itself to their back been such a godDAMN Disgusting Thing. That is NOT-A-QUESTION, nor a quest to even begin to unearth an answer –

Just.. a DAFTly ambitious attempt at BEING.. quite sIMPLY.