“If they saw the whole process, they’d bang their brains together and smile.. hard!” – Poet Art.

You rewrite the literary landscapes. You try to, at least. Try to make promises that you may have well made with your younger self. Revisit him/her entirely and utilise all of that untainted vision coursing throughout anyone that age, really. You are luckier than most will ever get to be to still have a large part of that person in you; but you need to work with it, and for it. To succumb to all of the doubt that comes with your adulthood and to also reach right around it, in sufficiently seizing each and every moment for its whole beautifully messed-up worth. And if that comes about in the form of one piece of literary seen-to-be greatness with time, then… brilliant.

“Succinct and shallow won’t always bring about moments of pure sadness, that’s just your ego interrupting.”

But most of it that you create is really just the process, which is, funnily enough, also arguably the most important part with the whole thing. Whole endeavour. It will be brutal and beautiful all in one go, cannot but be that way, and it will jade the life from you. You are in fact adding something unique and great to the landscape. So, please, don’t ever let yourself become too afraid. Create whatever sort of art will make the words bounce for you all over again. It’s a catapult bustling to breathe from an utter over-deluge of both agitated and gifted words, and all that you have to ever do, really, is to pull back at the elastic band.. and let go. Forever.

“The glory of a mapped route to nowhere specially magnificent except for absolutely everywhere sentimental and wondrously estranging.”

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