Inspiration second to goddamn none
Yellow daisy dress
Before taking to the threshold everyone just seemed to know
About to impress the entirety of one town, a mesmerisingly apt bookshop
Wax excitingly, enticingly, lyrical ’til such time as the tens of adults – children to one side if only for a while – decide for themselves to press rewind
Right back to their very own youth, stories unfold – told with wickedly deft procedure
A delightful, not to mention unforgettable fixture of hope atop dreams
Relatively remiss from these people’s lives right now
A writer who managed to create precise academic scripture decorated wonderfully by flawlessly colourful pictures
A character for everyone inside of this room
Blurring the lines between hard work and relaxation – your child’s body clock right here inside of a book
Is this, perhaps, the sensational story which our own kids will get to look back upon one day and say, “Dr. Seuss had nothing on her!”