Were all of her cards marked in advance? Playing with all of the prizes and losing all of their minds. What if her guards were her enemies though? The handsome man shall stand at an affidavit of moments. With his fusillade hands placed circumspect at – the place, the opinion, of discretionary fear. All trampled ears to the pummelling grounds, non-stop unmitigated percussion, and implemented. Ample distraction appears to be taking itself all of it back. Permittedly it seems. Only, shudder to think it, we will never let ourselves significantly know it

These thirst-laden universes carrying with them, for them, mistimed experiences, a doctrine of another thinking girl of the world who proceeds to attempt to paraphrase all of these unspeakable things. With the shrill and ear-splitting objectivity of a sparrow-like whistle ‘n’ whisper…

Still scribbling, still, ear-scathingly processing, painstakingly, horrendously so she knows it and forever versus the haves have not. A single erstwhile smiling penny to sing of
Hair-splitting locomotive adultery midst the treacherous kiss of pulsating heartstrings which haven’t even managed to sing for an industrious age yet
If only they were the same as her though, appropriate soldiers as though to be hers means everything sentimental – utterly corresponding and made-up in merriment moments of mystery-laden make-believe

With their eyes-wide-shut as opposed to hers, which still passionately watch the size of the chit-chat banter, the outlandish fixation with failing at failing
And the land is unconditionally crashing, abruptly so we know it and these boats, ships, finger-fed missiles which shoot for the hip… which leave ethereal reminiscences of the broken toy crucifix soldiers which creep instantaneously within…

The spatial awareness of their scrutinizing feet

Nike – tick, it’s all of it been a hanging reality in tight-lipped actuality, just ask these Chinese toy soldiers… for the key to their very own cardboard cutout homes

Nothing hallmark about that
And gaining gainfully they hope, leaning blissfully toward

The blonde trappings of an international playgirl with her untapped natural potential which bothers itself to bargain with the basement of their fledgling-brains