He has been undeniably ripped and rather jovially torn asunder, these times have been the most horrific you and yours could ever truly let yourselves imagine – when a tragedy dresses itself on up in all kinds of handsome
Dastardly to the last, albeit muted to a seriously excruciating point – when anxiety anointed him the seemed sole-bearer
Tremendous upheaval and all of it amounting to quite possibly nothing
Crumpled over and unbelievably bitter, these cigarettes his only real reprieve – a flicker of wayward hope thieving away every moment of every single godforsaken day
He’s been meaning to be immaculate, to chance an arm and to get to dance once more – just how very difficult will this actually be?
Amongst the greats might turn out to be quite nice indeed
Praying to the high heavens that these little quickened impressions that he has somehow managed to make have stored themselves someplace or another fair intricately, that these beautifully devoted people shall remember him as he oh so frustratingly attempted to be
Wait in these sought after wings
This sweat-ridden bed his absolute compatriot for now, where the larger part of his harrowing time has been spent trying to breathe a life right through it – wits remarkably split, teetering on what’s altogether manic-minded
Rip-roaringly confused, refusing to wholly allow himself to believe that any of this can be just as real, as preposterously harsh, as it has undeniably felt for two utterly unforgettable decades

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