A sizeably sudden turn of chaste tongue- hard-boiled swill of decaffeinated caffeine come the distinguishable early am. and she begins at leaning in and dutifully layering the foundations for her brand ‘spanking’ new indisputable masterpiece

It is on the ground, it is at her feet… blistered to the tethered kiss

Beautifully inscrutable mistress, is she… a promiscuous girl only ever held wonderfully captive upon the erstwhile weekends, it ills herself to admit it
And perhaps, per chance, that heart-rending vision shall inevitably get to letting itself remain impeccably irreplaceable this time right round

And the silver-lining finally begins at miraculously reframing…
This mysteriously clad, weeping-willow canvas which will set itself mightily alight/ aloft/ atop of this whispering, well-wishing easel of unforgiving yesteryear

A quantifiably robust piece of natural-born brilliance, she shudders to think it… whilst it attempts as best it shan’t to feel its way back out the other side again and for one next great concentrated line

Blind woman’s bluff, indeed, it seems to pretend to need to be this particular way
Like all of the rest, only far more mentally prepared.. is she!?

To play it out at the meandering corners of the unpardonably thankless divide

Snide eyes arise, affable task at paint-spattered hand – a merriment sedation and we sit and witness to watch…
The next great visually-inclined parlay

They have come in their heavy-footed droves, driven their deluded selves silly insane – ’til simply, spectacularly, fair fanatically attempting to magnificently imagine for themselves… this feeling within her sunshine bones

Amidst all of these Neanderthal things

From zero to flushed heroine hero and all of it dripping ’til drenched miserly within ten-thousand thanklessly pockmarked, seriously besmirching, whip-smart, stop/start, heart-attacking hours

‘Til rigorously push ‘n’ pulled mightily toward
The inescapable reaches again of these fallen regions – a Holy kind of hellhole Zen

It tends to screaming sweet sweetening scenes of forbidden vitriol soon as she gets herself to uncontrollably listening, listlessly
As eager as the days which combine themselves misshapenly together to inevitably betray her… such as the very same man who stole her oblong soul away

A hurried persuasion midst inordinately expressive menstruation, she feels these things which he still fails to feel/ birds ‘n’ the mother-f*cking bees, pl-ease… ease it on in

By the tenderised touch of the screaming easel – colourful people with real ears for sacrosanct imagination
All of the things she failed to say, wrecking-ball inside of her brain