Having watched the world turn upon its burning of aGiTaTeD axis these pilfering people have been to the backs of the behind again, awhile shy smiles and endless levels of voraciously (mis)spelt verbatim tended

To rule: a truest of ROOST(!) We have neglected to EVER-EVEN bother ourselves to mention AGAIN their sophisticated state – of endless(…) pUlSaTiOn.

These were both FUNdaMENTALLY AND thunderously suppressed times —-
And spliced hahahahaha-happily(!!!) back together atop of these peripheral vessels of c-e-a-s-e-l-e-s-s anxiety and altruistic nErVoUsNeSs

In-DEED! What is T-H-I-S THIRST-LADEN T-H-I-N-G of ours!? Which D-I-D doggedly dIfFeR aNd courageoUSly decide to tend-to-fend for (ONLY-EVER!) itself; an intimate

Ultimatum, ACTUALLY, of none-too-TOPICALISED dEliRiuM. ANNNND required pUlSaTiOn oF quietening R-E-Q-U-I-E-M(!)
Endless, I tell thee.

A-c-t-i-n-g like AS IF: a LAUGH-OUT-LOUD(!!), star-studded ENTER-PRIZE of malADJUSTED individuals who WILL—-

keep drinking from the Neanderthal neck of THESE fine-and-utterly-uNiQuE, upside-down bottles of wine.

And they w-i-l-l WHINE and they WILL unequiVOCALly dInE and to the unPARDONABLE(perishing as well) point: of never (NOT-EVER-AGAIN) getting to riotously ReMemBeR…

Anything, actually. FACT Is, that these mad-about-Life mAdHatTeRs have been blessed

With a most Basically Beautiful sEnSe: Of unguarded self-PROprietorship.