Fresher then New York and minus one helluva smog to stress your better senses right the way out from intricately in beneath

We sit and talk and walk and watch and unravel a treasured tale or ten
On life as we try and know it…

Then, She stands to propose another outlandishly high-octane venture, while He smiles to simply say… “as ever, we shall meet at the prioritised middle, my dear Delilah with nestled beestung flowers in your bespectacled hair, for you are my kind of crazy”

Ray Ban sunglasses to carry that alabaster ass to the sun and back
Many men have failed to see the real She and they will pay heavily for it

These times are crying out for a bargain-basement apartment mid-everything, pardon the lack of over-enthused money, a poison pit all on its own, but why should we have to want and want to have it any other way right about now

We are young in the gainful face and forever young at steady-hearted heart
Like I say, prioritised by this thing called life, and we do indeed owe it the world

I will make her my wife, but only in so far as my mind can dare to ever happily imagine – I will never ever own her, but I am sure as shit delighted to have her right about now