Magnanimously speaking she’s a start-apart mastered entitlement of diagnosed desires actually; a have-a-heart masterful experience of her very own ENDLESSLY SUGGESTIVE reckoning and steed. What WE did is precisely what she needed to have did.. done, WHICHEVER the effingHELL shall mean to make

… MEAN-fully mediocre sense, please. Let us feel.. brand-new and past-tense Improved AND IMPROVISED: our eyes, our calculating minds, AND our have-an-aforementioned-heART desires

Have set justifiABLE FIRE, ready to fore-reach ahead of anything else and OF ANY-OTHER TIME (now)

And to ACTually CATCH… … steady-faced FaZeS oF FiRStHaNd FlaMeS Of FAR-REACHING F-I-R-E(!!)