To figure themselves in on the equation is to suggest just such a resolute thing.. of emotionally transfixed intelligence: these people have witnessed the state of IRREPARABLE sedation circumnavigate their soothed souls some-more

Have EVEN stopped and stripped AND strolled Hand-in-Hand with the other entitlement of INESCAPABLE person –

awhile their families faces smiles e-n-t-I-c-e them back-to-Life.

This has been a particularly trippy thing and on UTTER purpose actually- as we NOW appear to know exactly HOW to wake ourselves Up —-

To this Whole-Wide-World of wide-awake interference. And finally…

Set to f-e-e-l a most beautiful disintegration in pain predominantly because..

He is not for everybody, Thank Christ(!!) And as for her? She’s done overexposing herself to anymore explosion of soul