It’s not that they do not seem to care at all anymore but rather that they appear to have

Acted spontaneous and equally judgemEnTaL and on utterly pUrPOSE. It’s been a long and wInDiNg thing, actually – of rain and shun sunshine and other KINDs of

Individuals acting divided and DIVISIVE and deciding to dEcOdE aNd div/ide their uNiqUeNeSs Of tImE

Between: being these vagabond people who have witnessed AND CONfessed to their very own chronic state of ill-awareness By Now..

And it’s NOT QUITE FAIR for certain/as far as from fair as (manageably) imaginable what’s actually happened to their wIlDlY misinterpreted interpretations, actually…

However, and this has to become the best and foremost way for them to say it; that their ultimate state of aforeMENTIONED awareness is

Incredibly sane, actually. All of it, and ALWAYS WILL/WAS/HAS TO HAVE BEEN