Different level
No necessity for any kind of a jet-setting lifestyle whatsoever, no nothing
Just… Just
Alarmingly beautiful both inside and out
Side of my mind where she took me on many a moment, mesmerising while at a time
Nothing but utterly uncrackable smiles
A typified albeit devoted ocean wide
When two people manage to meet right at the unequivocal middle
Serendipitous for sure, oh so very pure
In fact, dangerously so
Truth told, met her when the weekend’s booze took a flow far too akin to a meandering river
Bankable confidence-façade ever-knowing
Finally, an utter necessity on the night in question
Til we got to laughing like hyenas only minus the age-old cackle, hand-in-hand whilst getting to crack an unanticipated bottle of Dom Perignon in half
Intertwined rather perfectly, ‘love-making’ of which this particular ‘Jack the Lad’ turned out by the end oh so very jaw-droppingly glad
In it to win it, no more and certainly no less
This ain’t no game of chess…
Ahem, seems yours is the next move, princess

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