My mind settles itself in a most wonderful fashion – these eyes are no longer crying and all of it absolutely courtesy of your own rather beautiful accord
I just cannot believe this thing that I have seemingly been given, longing yet never quite getting to introduce itself for such a very long time – utterly romanticised by a downright gnawing necessity to try too hard, riddled in outright animosity against his altogether contagious will
Please God, try and still my beating heart, do as you promised and set me all too desirably apart
Pardon my want to breathe all of every last bit in, for it turns out to be the case that the pain was far too unbearable immediately from the beginning
But this, this right here is something I have a fair feeling neither of us may have ever seen or felt just before we got to walking on through one another’s smiling door
The very best steaming hot coffee and Marlboro cigarette in the whole wide world right this minute, and so you know I’ve been dreaming of something rather akin – a soothing affliction and I do believe that you wrote this particular scripture all by yourself
Courageous, not to mention unbelievably tasteful
Screw these seriously lacklustre and freeze-frame bouts of heady regret – a needless threat above all else, sent to deceitfully seduce the whole damn system
I may well be handsome yet my palms are turned entirely the wrong way down
Now, shall we so much as take one another’s hands and delve like never before
I’ve a feeling it’s about to open on up and let itself pour
Trust me, I’m the kind of dirty you just cannot wash off

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