I’ve been watching you do your fair damnedest to make a crazy kind of a difference – altogether telling
Endlessly permitting your high-wired self all of these tempestuous little things
Why not sincerely bring it to the unabashed surface all over again, courageously so
Look on up and you will soon get to see what your late great father already knows – your heavenly sent, not to forget unbelievably gift-wrapped forever flow
When we get to go toe-to-worryingly unaccustomed toe
In something of a gradually unmatched nature might be quite nice
Seems we’ve been rather incredibly hellbent upon drying this whole bespoke place right the entire way out
Let yourself amount to a serenely set degree of everything whilst gritting these pretty and peculiar teeth of yours – sparkling, and so you know we’ll be stomping our quick-fire feet in these trembling albeit equally ready wings
Delicately trimming the opposition’s everything right the entire way out once more – lost for words, when what’s utterly nurtured begins to start to fall all too painfully, oh so intricately away
Just be sure as sugar to give me a shout soon as you believe you might just be ready

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