An example of an instrumental girl – otherworldly and delicately pronounced by this shape-shifting thing of only hers
A fully blown concentration, the hiding in-between, where weapons of mass construction go to tee themselves on up
To divide the has-been’s from the brand new and utterly unaccustomed people

With stars nearby brazen eyes, willing to listen and learn it right from the start, happy hearts, completely individualised midst high-wired onslaught of concentration
A cafe swears by it’s better nature – to conquer and realise

A swill of a misshapen, mistakenly taken tea-cup, an abrupt person speaks of only ever her evil affability
The good and both of the bad, miserly and unjustifiably creative again

She takes her place upon a welterweight stage and begins to wreak absolute craved havoc – for a better instance in time
These other people seem to be shy-locked by it all

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