This thing still tear your livid mind to God awful shreds – rest-assured soon as you can
There shall be no easy way to explain aforementioned thing for its altogether manic worth, and he won’t
OCD – three heavy-handed letters which can indeed steal your every known plausible re-occurrence till seriously instilled
There is simply attention to important detail, then There Is Unjustifiably This
None too much suited to the light-hearted, toys to rip-roar and destroy what stands in seeming to be plain sight
The almighty fight is on to individually cease the fright of a rather unintended lifestyle
Smile if only you can force such a miraculous procedure amidst this irretrievable fixture-list supreme which takes to wrestle and quarrel with people’s utter settled soul – soon as you appear to be doing absolutely nothing, albeit this peculiar mind is fixated upon intricate approval
Irrational upheaval that has to become the straw to crack the camel’s accordionated back
You move and it all unravels akin to crazy
Eggshelled existence unwillfully permitted
By these beasts swarmed alarmingly, fair distastefully within
T’would be a fucking sin to miss out anymore, to miserably adhere to this insidious disease heaped upon the sufferer unfathomably strong
She has to ask, where and when ever did it go oh so agonisingly wrong