Pulverised right by the bleeding and blood-curdled core of their seemingly so extraterrestrial being – only they know their real name

Eyes wide opened and feeling the scope of the wind set to fester ‘n’ sail, almighty dishevelment finds one such way out and it makes heavenly kinds of otherworldly and blinding, binding sense again

He will sit with his stressed-out upon fender for his very favourite best/friend – strung-out and string-dependent : non-entity implemented and these miraculous movements guided and both gilded by crying and shamelessly shameful time can be oh so very kind upon ten thousand dozen juvenile millennial minds

Add a cradled and confused instrument and get ready to tapestry his cross-configured death right through its romantically imaginative being, please… the ghostly and both ghastly tease-it-all-in via the serendipitous black-hole fingernail set to sumptuous sail til the cumbersome sun comes out and s-c-r-e-a-m-s Hello-To-Everyone

But. He.

Crisis of mind finds a manner of speaking to tweak the oblong difference : sinking, singing to bleed endlessly, trans-generational within : all. of. We

And the pause for sought anxiety-laden thought brings it all back together for one first and last time interchangeable : unpardonably intertwined til posthumously unforgettable

Lyrics to make almighty men of themselves, even if and when they fail to feel it

Every next elongated bit : crazed to radiate
The ratio is ridiculously killing the better ones out there, snared by upside-down creative coincidence gone notoriously, noteworthy awry

My, oh Bowie … why!!? Jesus Christ Superstars where constant destruction drives their demonstrative mind

Music holds no colour and they all fall by the same trusted sword

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