He smiles in my direction and corrects my grammar, longing to roll a joint but he won’t anoint that bad-boy as yet – been through the runner and now here he is to tell me just how it might get to be
We’ve a fair feeling this was meant to happen
Been mapping and tracking his particular route however tragic, however ungody
Forget for awhile about TC & Honeybear, prepare your kind self to take a momentary load off and to delve like never before
Can you not simply see that they do adore you – a burnt sugar voice which distills everything when finally permitting
Imagine these replicated versions from all over the world, reeling for their every worth amidst your sincere and utmost soliloquy pill
An ironic tonic if you must
Like I say, eerily distilled
Now, take me to that mammoth stage and watch me wage a most terrific war with my very own homegrown words – I may not hold the voice but, trust me, the slur has never been oh so beautifully beneficial in all of its life
I’ve been learning to earn it
We’ve done the time for a hundred such men, now force yourself to shove a little on over and to watch another cursed somebody shine
Glad to see that you’re sober

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