You hold this thing against your pock-marked arm and just go for it don’t you just
You know full well that my own wits are split – I’m weathered almost as much as your fine self
Almost but not quite
Been up all night, dependent upon hugging a brand new and gloriously deceitful a.m.
Why must you need to delve a little further on into this altogether dangerously opposing ocean!?
There are no such dreams swimming within so you know
I suppose this is what makes you feel a bit better, is it not?
You hurt your whole family, make tragedy appear an absolute normality
They are crying all kinds of fire from their tired eyes
I can only sit here and watch, pray to these high heavens above all else that you will somehow get to remember when
Please, try and have an open-minded opinion in and around what’s precariously insane
Find a surefire way to masterfully pry yourself and delve otherwise from your junkie lifestyle
Maybe even let yourself stay with me for a while?

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