Why the hell Are these people Concentrating on AnyThing?! Why are they still even here, telling us to hear them ASK IT ALL AGAIN(painFULLY!)

But.. “what the fuck IS IT ALL ABOUT?”

Ask the question, adds the MOUNTAIN OF MOUNTING anger, because you are stILL appearing to CON yourself into concentrating upon,

the seen-to-be MereLy imPOSSIBLE. Stop it, NOW.
Stop this ocean of metaphor and antagonised cOmMotIoN!!

Realise that to reLEASE your shy Mind and stay-awhile will be: to STOP ASKING THESE A-D-D-E-D-ON QueStIoNs

That make NO such SeNse of themselves anyway. Find the fucking silence and fuck right off. It’s not a goddamn gift… it’s a goddamn given

So… … STOP LISTENING.. to EVEN me. Because my clue is less than yours, only over-entitled to literary hindsight

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