There is an almighty eye-soar begging itself to intricately happen – these multi-coloured, rainbow-ribbon ed days have been shrinking all by themselves, the mid-a.m. moon-stricken meaning making less than lesser sense

Her irretrievable mind has been caught on irreversible, uncontrollable, paralytic rewind and blinded by the thickening scripture – all thankless fixtures set to fail at sail

His problematic proceedings appear to be needier than ever quite possibly imaginable, all rip-torn hands upon desk rather than deck

The teller-pen has been begging itself to speak and to endlessly think

Blink and you will miss it : all out war about to catch insane flame, the levels of disdain a plain mundane inability

A living, seething monstrosity, if you will …

Needless to say, they are down upon right round their estranged, misshapen and bedraggled knees

Begging us please, to simply tend to our better selves and finally, fair inevitably listen – when ever will we relinquish these insipid, disgustingly inspired demons

Of snide-eyed and secular theirs – they appear to hold the key to contagious creation and some of it, never enough, makes mighty kinds of agonised sense of itself

Ladies & mental-men: stranger than fiction, indeed we do breathe fierce uneasy and we feel it – far-fetched, -stretched and locked in devil-horned devotion til guided by enthusiastically and deceptively supernatural

‘Tis, perhaps, the truer the genius the fiercer the fall by the eye of the needle, therein stand those who die right by the swords of white-lies – mesmerised… disguised by unkindly

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