I’ve been thinking
I know, surprising to say the most
But I have and it’s good
Real good
I might like to design a book – a book of poetry
A book of modern poetry with an incredible cover
See, I do judge the book
Imagine that, a colour-filled book with a nice and telling title
Then, inside, lots of incredibly modern and bounce-about-the-page poems
Might you like to help me?
Help me make a real difference, slowly albeit remarkably surely
Time, my friend, that’s what we need
Lots of time and we have that absolutely
Just imagine the poems
They say that I have enough of them to really make the difference
I don’t know where it comes from but it does indeed come
Just to see that delicious book standing tall and oh so proud inside of a well-known bookstore might be nice – handsomely dressed, shirt sleeves pressed, ironed to within an inch, about to deliver its masterpiece
I’ll happily be a bystander if only for awhile
I sure would raise a glass or maybe’s little more to that
Can you only begin to imagine the hangover
The perfect morning-after
What dreams are made of, for me at least

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