Screw iambic pentameter, I bet you don’t even goddamn know what that means
Soon as I step on in, wax relatively lyrical, you opt upon taking me down to a most unsavory, albeit equally uncertain ground on your part
Truth told, you never even so much as stood a chance in high hell, so why not step right back, quell your every last thirst for my particular downfall
We all want what we just cannot have, but you will not get to step in my way anymore
Sure you’ve probably a few nice qualities flailing on through you but, in general, ladies and gentlemen, what we are dealing with right here is an altogether hardened case of a confusing man
Trust me, people have said far worsened things
That you seem to bring with you – whilst somehow managing to course it agonisingly on through your ‘beloved’ family at the exact same time – a fair degree of heightened fire
Which nobody is all too willing to step aside
Passion, yet unashamedly shark-eyed and in search of a surefire bashin’ like no other
That nose deserves nothin’ but a solid gold fist to the triangular face, over and over
This ain’t no cold-shoulder, no nothin’, just bare honesty in its most beautiful guise of sorts
Feel free to take your time on this one but be sure as sugar to slide on out of eventual touch
I’m the bread, you the seriously lonely crust
Without me you’re askew, minus your outer layer all I ever get to lose is my dreaded edge

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