We guessed well that we did the things which no-one else can – “thank themselves for near the end of utter stupidity. They were running thru_ invisible hoops and clashing at reverberating pace anyway, These Hopeful rejects of hopScotch Variety.” Altho_

If they saw inside of our OCD eyes then they might demand the necessity-both-MOMENTARY deactivation of an eagle-eyed demise Amidst total attempts at try-hard Delirium, please. She’s

Ok about these things and also K!!!!NDA pondering the utterly uncertain: aforesaid determination that runs thru_ wrought-iron HooPs(!)

They will not cLasH or collapse this time because, as it goes, WE ALL KNOW: “How to SplIt an OCD Rope to the bone of its CONscientious interplay.” Fairly even-minded now and she’s gonna get her Hella-significant self —

LockedUP inside of a brand NEW bind — “called CreaTivE frustration.” And taped to the insides of her ticker-tape Mind