They don’t appear to seem to want to turn all of this noise of mind off, actually; even if, it destroyed their youthfully led adolescences

Their sense of calm and quietness a non-existing thing indeed and riotously replaced with —

This upside-down nErvOuS sYsTem Of. The. Century.. she’s been vying to try for all of her 2/3’s of a slaughterhouse lifetime: to somehow(?!) q-u-i-e-t-e-n

These self-proclaimed(they’ve been claiming ALL of her) demands of Dostoyevskian demon; from Monday thru-to some-state-of-irreparable-Sunday…

Again. It’s been this.. heavily insisting thing of slaughterhouse suRvIvAl, actually. And we DO appear to seem to want to—-

N-E-E-D to turn ALL of this boisterous NOISE down to a slowly simmering… …mUrMuR(!)