Amazing – and a cradled hand comes down right round about – five tingling, freeze-frame fingers which irrepressibly b-r-e-a-t-h-e
Pulsatory and neatly, nearly never felt so very alarmingly despondent before was his opposite body of beatnik bones
Once upon a ridiculous pedigree of champagne permittance
Only now miserly embedded within the painfully pained process of temporarily responding: to his hidden bouts of utter requiem
For her tantalised d-r-e-a-m-s… about to finally slumber and sleep as if blissfully kissed amidst a reawakening aperture – and appears to be that her developmental eyesight holds all of his favourite-best past photographs
Previously enveloped memories, about to be brought back to life if only for a mere momentary moment and at shutter-speed pace – Suddenly, she is in all of Me
Embracing eachof oneanother – eye-to-tortured eyeline, again, face-first-against-failing face
And feeling everything extra-specially significant
Until that is —
The breeze stole her away from him, gently does it now
Kissed… flutter… fly
Bye, bye

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