You’re possibly.. the least interested person when it comes to the ways of the world, of people. Or at least you’re not interested but only later did become so, in a way, because of the ocd. The intricacies it caused you to unearth in all sorts of thinking. But… generally, you’re gonna be sitting with something extraordinarily uncommon, even when it comes to mental illnesses. That’s a big one, huh? A big one to have to try and eventually live extremely comfortably with for yourself. For your loved ones, too. Of course they figure in on the whole equation. But I do think this whole thing has to have seriously misrepresented me in many, many ways. But, alas, all that I can do is to work HARDER THAN HARD with the ongoing medications I have been prescribed. Work with the calm. Work with the… most mind-boggling effing mental illness in the world, surely. To deep down know that it isn’t supposed to be anywhere endear this much of a struggle is a bitch. But I do know what I’ve got, what I am utterly capable of, even when it’s so hard you cannot even begin to describe its pain. But, yeah, to feel a sense of calmness and your own truest personality is the goal, always, always… always! There will always be a million ways for me to describe the ongoing pressures of living with ocd, but there is also only one way of living with it within you means – Living with it, each and every excruciating or otherwise minute, hour, day, week, year. It took a lot. It took too much. But.. I also know wha to do – if somewhat deep, deep down beyond and behind the mental imbalance. Turns out ocd sufferers have no real enough level of serotonin for their brains to make the normal and often calculated decisions. So, what that means is, that… we are doing all of this with.. brains which have no real way of dealing with information, etc.