There’s a point wherein it all manages to make sense and then something extracurricular for its whole wide nascent nature/ these strangers have been struggling with making aforementioned singular sense of themselves simply because.. to make actual LIVID SEETHING sense isn’t actually the point at all in all of it.

This… energetic element of spontaneous verbosity is…

ultimately an utter colloquialism, if we let it be what it may need to require itself to be. The verbs are in fact good and proper and obviously a straightforward way to explain something to any one person who actually does cater to care

Imagine it for a mere-eager instance… If. You. Will. Be. So. Very. Drained. To. The Pulsating. Bone. Of Your. Hahahahaha-Being

What the man feels like who stands beneath a neatly tied noose; indeed, it appears to be something of a brutalised bow-tie ALL OF ITS OWN

aaaaaand… there he goes!! Bargaining his blood down to the boil of its beating bleed.. ..

one man who lost complete control of his commonplace capitalisation… and ALL of it CONtained within a tHoUsaNd unnecessary trappings of triangular thought
He KNEW what he really ought to have done, to have settled his inner-thinking of demons, but WHY, oh mother of Why(?!) are these so-called demons WHO DO in-DEED DEMAND EVERYTHING even seen-to-be a bad thing?!

Since the upside-down beginning- he did not sin, even if his outside and peripheral people did
let him down somehow – subCONSCIOUSLY it w-i-l-l definitively saturate their state of hindsight actuality

Matter of far——-reaching fact/ while a whole-wide writer stands, copies the line of their layabout eyes… and writes. Excitement is enticement. Is utterly clusterfucked plagiarism to the point of poking fun at the

Whole f…… system