So that was the plan
To get you, the public, to land a few words in my lap, please
And for me to go ahead with my pen for a gun
Use my talent to tease you all into reading more
I’m waiting intently for that publisher to come knocking at my door
But I need to test myself
To avoid ending up on the literary shelf
Although ending up on a shelf in this instance seems just fine
Sublime even
So give me any word you like
And I will take it in kind
Go ahead and try to rhyme
There’s a girl from Dublin who worries about using Iambic Pentameter
It isn’t fair on her
Because I don’t even know what that is
I’m just happy to go on my gut
Write and write ’til the poem finds its own way out of a rut
No rules
I told her to take the criticism on board
To use her writing for a mental sword
To fend off the naysayers
Literary delayers
She has the ability
Down to a tee
Still oh so young
So plenty of time to load her metaphorical gun
Maybe I’ll do a collaboration with her one day
What might she say
That random words is a good idea
Something that will go about making her worrisome mind all the freer
I do love the rhyme
That’s no crime
So long as it makes a whole lot of sense
You manage to avoid any sort of pretense when it comes to your next in a long line of sentences
So do that for me
Fill my poetry with glee
Any kind you like
And if a singer wants to add their voice to my words
Then feel free to hop on your mic
Get going
I promise you this
For me, the words will keep on flowing