You will try and stop and think, just for a moment, I guess, that all of the many poems which I have written are something special altogether. I use that last word simply because it, in my mind, is an on-going and highly collaborative thing. Collaborative in so far as one reaches into the last and next one as it goes along. Now, what I mean by this exactly is more so in a.. hmm, spiritual sense regards both a selfless feeling of heightening satisfaction, as I go, as well as something much more tangible and inexplicably concrete happening than anything else, really. That is what I think, anyway. There are days when I feel as though I am done, completely well-and-truly, and then those wonderful ones, when to be done, has to be smirked at – full-top. So to speak. I also often realise just how difficult it might turn out to be for me to find that accurate audience which I have no doubt is out there waiting for me. Maybe I will just be quiet for a while and see how everything lands.

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