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Equally acted just about as bodacious as the other individual with emblematic mind-bombs for wings.

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.. when we crash and clash at a purest of pace that’s whenever, really, they will w-i-l-l us on and hope that we can

Actually include ourselves again, in this particular cause FOR(!) a lifetime. The criminals weren’t even acting criminalised anymore, the scores of AdoReD people never again

Acting ::: utterly adored. “It’s just gonna have to have been how it is, how they are, and WHAT we f-e-e-l —->>> to interrupt the world one moment of magic performed per calcuLATEd time will

Cause us all to’ve gone and gotten ourselves regularly reElected. Strangely… unaffected by the bullish!t that makes Grown Men Cry, and psychologists pockets Wiiiiden…..