Broke the mold, to cast a penetrating shadow atop,
all of these pretty little paralyzing people

And we tend to take our sweet tender time, in witnessing to watch,
the next great and grandiose breakthrough

Of a strife-time,
wherein the crime of capital cap-locked Punishment is uttermost none too beneficial,
not to mention Bare-boned enthusiastically spectacular

He grabs her bare-naked face right beneath/by the beating brain…
and pummels the strenuous parts of a better, bestial being

Blood trickles, ’til pulsating to pour,
of its terrifically rivered own

While she attempts to break her way inordinately free – we are waiting right here

Standing by her unaccustomed side, where support shows no true wane but for one such single-most cursed shy-lock person

Who shall hold a behemoth bear-grip gripe upon this derogatory, envy-laden life-time,
to satisfactorily crucify her bone-dry Everything

This appears to be,
the fly-in-the-ointment, extraordinaire

To simply think – he promised her the whole of the world on a paradised pearl
‘Til, that is, his imitation game took inescapable hold

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